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Meeting at Nakashima Propeller Tamashima WorksGreen ships, zero emission vessels and the pathway to decarbonisation are topics that are now of primary importance to the shipping sector. Not only are there initiatives from within the sector being implemented to improve the energy efficiency of ships and reduce airborne emissions, but also organisations including the International Maritime Organization (IMO) & European Commission have outlined policy measures aimed to reduce carbon emissions related to shipping.

Additionally many of the emission reduction targets are not clearly defined nor is there a stable policy framework upon which the industry can map out a long-term path to meet these targets. 

To complicate matters further, organisational barriers often prevent the free exchange of ideas and opinions between classification societies, industry groups and shipping related organisations. Furthermore, numerous governments appear to be advocating their own independent strategies and policies.

Therefore to assist companies in the shipping and maritime sector to navigate through this maze of challenges, the Aquarius Innovation Forum was established with the primary aim of freely exchanging ideas that will assist members to mitigate risks and develop long-term strategies to deal with the evolving technological, organizational and policy environment. This group was initially established in February 2021 as the Eco Marine Power Research Advisory Group but was expanded and renamed in January 2022.

Background & Objectives

More than 5 years ago Eco Marine Power began moving all its various research projects within the common framework of a virtual research organisation. This organisation has now evolved to include cooperating with a wide range of companies to undertake research projects covering topics focused on the use of renewable energy on ships, the installation of energy saving devices, the use of automation & data logging systems and the implementation of improved management processes.

The primary aims of the Aquarius Innovation Forum are:

  • To exchange ideas and information related to reducing vessel emissions and fuel consumption and improving the energy efficiency of ships.
  • To highlight topics and subject areas related to ship energy efficiency that should be investigated further.
  • To study technology-based and/or operational related solutions that could be utilized to facilitate the transition of the maritime sector towards decarbonisation.
  • To provide guidance to companies within the EMP Research Institute regarding future R&D and solution development projects.
  • To look outside shipping for possible solutions that could be adapted for use on-board ships and to consider how solutions developed for shipping, could be applied to other sectors and industries.

Updates related to the Forum can be followed via the EMP Research Institute LinkedIn page: btn liprofile blue 80x15


Aquarius Innovation Forum

 Current Member Companies

ADNOC Logistics & Services, Zeaborn Ship Management (Singapore), Star Bulk, Furukawa Battery, Teramoto Iron Works, Eco Marine Power, Surfwave, Ardmore Shipping, Nakashima Propeller, Neptune Lines, Sojitz Kyushu, NittoSeiko, Sunflame.

Founding Members

ADNOC Logistics & Services.

Mr. Khalid Mohamed Al Shehhi.

Manager, Marine Projects (Shipping).

Zeaborn Ship Management.

Capt. Ninad Sharad Mhatre.

Managing Director.

Star Bulk.

Mr. George Mantalos.

Technical Manager. .

Furukawa Battery.

Mr. Yasuhiro Kodaka.

General Manager.

Teramoto Iron Works.

Mr. Yoshitaka Teramoto.


Eco Marine Power.

Mr. Greg Atkinson.

President & CTO.

Surfwave Inc.

Mr. Akihito Suzuki.

Chief Executive Officer.


See also: Eco Marine Power Research Institute


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