Innovation for Low Carbon Shipping and Marine Applications

Technologies for low emission and low CO2 shipping include our patent pending EnergySail® - a rigid sail system for ships, class-approved marine batteries and the Aquarius Management & Automation System (MAS).

Aquarius MRE®

Aquarius MRE by Eco Marine PowerAquarius MRE by Eco Marine PowerThe patented Aquarius Marine Renewable Energy (MRE) System or Aquarius MRE is a combined wind power and solar power for ships. It incorporates a range of technologies from Eco Marine Power and its strategic partners including the EnergySail and a computer system known as the EnergySail ACS (Automated Control System) which has been jointly developed with KEI System.

The system is designed to be adaptable to a wide range of ships types thus providing ship owners a combined wind and solar power solution which will reduce fuel costs and vessel emissions.

The Aquarius MRE System by Eco Marine Power is an innovative approach to using wind and solar power together on ships and the technology will help make world shipping greener and cleaner in the years ahead.

Marine Computer Control Systems

The Aquarius MRE System & EnergySail will both utilise a marine-grade computer control system developed jointly by KEI System and Eco Marine Power. These robust and flexible KEI 3240 Marine ComputerKEI 3240 Marine Computercomputer systems will automatically position an EnergySail or an array of EnergySail's so that they can best utilise the available wind or solar power. The computer control systems also include a touch screen panel which can be located on the ship's bridge or engine control room plus a number of remote panels for monitoring and control purposes.

The KEI 340 computer platform has been installed on hundreds of vessels and has proven itself to be a reliable and robust platform ideally suited for marine applications.


Aquarius MASTM & KEI 3240 Data Logger

The Aquarius Monitoring and Automation System or Aquarius MASTM is an integrated marine computer system which combines the features of the KEI 3240 Data logger with new functions to monitor renewable energy solutions on-board ships and calculate emissions.

This system will for example, be able to monitor and record the amount of clean energy being harnessed by the solar panels on a ship and compare this to fuel use. This information can be recorded and then later analysed along with a wide range of other performance data in order to fine-tune operational performance.

The KEI 3240 Data Logger is a highly flexible & robust marine computer based system that collects and stores various performance data including engine and generator power.  Hundreds of ships have already been fitted with the KEI 3240 Data Logger and the systKEI 3240 Data LoggerKEI 3240 Data Loggerem has proven its reliability over many years. The KEI 3240 Data Logger can be installed on a variety of ships such as tug boats, cargo vessels & bulk carriers.

It can also be retrofitted to ships already in operation or installed for example as part of a hybrid marine propulsion or power upgrade.

The use of the Aquarius Monitoring and Automation System (MAS) will  in the near future also provide a ship's crew and/or shore based management team with information regarding by how much fuel consumption is being reduced through the use of the Aquarius MRE System, EnergySail and/or hybrid propulsion.

Additionally the Aquarius MAS is a part of the hybrid marine power system for the Tonbo Hybrid Ferry and incorporated into the solar-electric propulsion system for the Medaka Eco Commuter Ferry. As well it is planned to incorporate this highly adaptable system into other projects including AquariusUSV.

The Aquarius MAS and KEI 3240 Data Logger can also be used as a stand-alone monitoring & data recording system either retro-fitted to existing vessel or for installation ships under construction. Read more...



The EnergySail (patent pending) has been designed by Eco Marine Power and is unlike any other sail - it can be used even when a ship is at anchor or in port and has been designed to withstand high winds or sudden micro-bursts. The EnergySail can also be fitted with a range of renewable energy technologies such as solar panels or wind power devices.Impression of EnergySail ArrayImpression of EnergySail Array

The EnergySail can be incorporated into the design of a wide variety of ships from large Capesize bulk ore carriers to naval and coastguard patrol ships. A variation of the EnergySail that is suitable for Unmanned Surface Vessels (USV's) and smaller ships such as passenger ferries or fishing vessels is also being developed.

The EnergySail is configurable so that in can suit the operational profile of a vessel. For example the number & type of solar panels can be easily changed or a variety of other devices can be fitted to the EnergySail. This flexible nature of the EnergySail design will also allow for it to be upgraded during the life-cycle of the ship or vessel it is fitted to.



Battery Technologies for Ships, Marine and Renewable Energy Applications

In co-operation with our strategic partner - The Furukawa Battery Company (Japan), our marine solar power and renewable energy solutions incorporate a range of battery technologies and battery types. These battery technologies include hybrid valve regulated (VRLA) lead acid battery modules supplied with frame mounting kits for use on ships or ashore.Furukawa Battery UB-50Furukawa Battery UB-50

These high quality, safe and reliable batteries have been accepted for use on classed vessels by ClassNK (Japan) and are ideally suited for renewable energy applications on ships, offshore platforms or on land.

Furukawa Battery also manufacture batteries for auto-mobiles, motorcycles, electric powered vehicles, stationary use, trains, aircraft, portable use and solar power generation systems.

For more information please see: Ship & Marine Batteries


Marine Solar Panels & Mounting Frames

Ship solar panel arrayShip solar power arrayTo survive the harsh marine environment that exists on ships careful attention must be paid to the type(s) of photovoltaic (PV) panels used and also to the method by which they are mounted onto ships. Eco Marine Power works closley with a small number of PV manufactures to evaluate the suitability of various PV types & technologies and as a result can supply solar panels with the correct marine grade mounting frame or frame installation kits.

These solar mounting frames have been specially designed by EMP and Teramoto Iron Works for use on ships but they are also ideal for land-base solar projects. Custom designed mounting frames and solutions are also available.

For more information please see: Marine Solar Panels and Frames


More Information

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Hybrid marine power solutions including solar power save fuel, reduce pollution and are cost effective. Eco Marine Power is at the forefront of developing low emission & fuel saving solutions for ships, Our computer systems also provide a control interface between renewable energy & other systems on-board ships.
Eco Marine Power is at the forefront of providing innovative marine renewable energy technologies for shipping that harness the power of the sun & wind. These solutions include Aquarius MRE, EnergySail & Aquarius Marine Solar Power. These reduce fuel consumption, lower noxious gas emissions and deliver cost benefits.
Aquarius Management & Automation System or Aquarius MAS is a cost effective alarm handling, monitoring & data logging platform suitable for a wide range of ships. The system is based upon the reliable KEI 3240 Data Logger and is class approved. Aquarius MAS can also monitor fuel use & calculate vessel emissions.
Our design & consulting services include green ship & eco ship concept designs, renewable energy surveys, renewable energy systems design & consulting support for new ship and retrofit projects. We work with ship owners, ship managers and ship yards to develop the right renewable energy solution for their needs.
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