Low Emission and Cost Effective Solutions for Shipping

Hybrid Power or Hybrid Marine Power (HMP) systems lower fuel consumption, reduce airborne pollution and are energy efficient. At Eco Marine Power (EMP) our focus is on HMP or 'Hybrid' solutions that include renewable energy technologies that are not only kind to the environment but are also cost effective and offer an attractive return on investment (ROI) for vessel owners and operators. Aquarius Eco Ship by Eco Marine PowerAquarius Eco Ship

In co-operation with our development partners, we develop and supply hybrid marine power solutions & technologies that are suitable for a wide role of applications for vessels that operate on rivers, bays, lakes & oceans across the world.

Additionally we work on low emission sustainable shipping design concepts what incorporate our hybrid marine power technologies.

Hybrid Marine Power For Ferries and Smaller Vessels

An example of our approach can be seen in solutions like the Tonbo Solar-Electric HMP Ferry. This cutting edge green passenger ferry will include a hybrid marine power system that will use a specially designed solar module panel array.

The Tonbo will be able to use energy collected via the solar modules to charge on-board batteries in order to reduce fuel consumption and will also be able to rapidly re-charge these batteries by using shore power when alongside.

The solar module panel assembly or array is being developed by Eco Marine Power and will be controlled by an easy to use computer system. This solar panel array will be able to be be raised as the ship or ferry cruises or lowered so that the Tonbo can pass under a ltonbo_solar_ferry_pierSolar Electric Ferry Tonboow bridges or other obstacles. A variation of the Tonbo with fixed solar panels will also be available.

Hybrid power or hybrid marine power (HMP) can also be used to provide power for facilities on a ship such as catering equipment, fans and lighting. For example an LED lighting system could be powered in the evenings from energy stored in the batteries collected during the day and the same batteries would also be able to provide power to electric motors and move the vessel quietly & emission free across the water.

Another innovative solar ferry design by EMP is the Medaka Eco Ferry. This smaller solar-electric ferry is being developed to operate as a eco-friendly urban commuter ferry especially in cities where noise & air pollution levels are high. It is anticipated that vessels like the Medaka will play an important role in making urban water transport networks more environmentally friendly.

Wind and Solar Hybrid Power for Ships

For larger vessels and ships Eco Marine Power along with a group of partner companies are developing the patented Aquarius MRE.Furukawa Type Approved Battery PackFCP-1000 Battery Pack from Furukawa Battery

Aquarius MRE (Marine Renewable Energy) is an advanced integrated system of rigid sails, solar panels, energy storage modules & marine batteries that will enable ships to tap into renewable energy by harnessing the power provided by the wind and sun. The array of rigid sails will be automatically positioned to best suit the prevailing weather conditions and can be lowered and stored when not in use or in bad weather.

The array of rigid sails are based on EMP's patented EnergySail technology and they can even be used when a ship is at anchor or in harbour. Clearly the EnergySail is unlike any other sail.

EMP's hybrid marine power and marine renewable energy solutions also incorporate the Aquarius Management and Automation System or Aquarius MAS.

Hybrid Marine Power Solutions - The Future

The innovative hykei3240_dl_trends_web_smallAquarius MAS Trends Displaybrid marine concepts and technologies from Eco Marine Power will not only reduce fuel costs, but they will also play an important role in assisting ship owners/operators meet the requirements of operating in Emission Control Areas (ECA) & marine parks.

Additionally solar-electric commuter ferries will fulfil an important role in energy-efficient cities near harbours, bays and waterways in the years ahead. Not only will these vessels reduce fuel costs but they will also help reduce air and noise pollution thus improving the quality of life in these cities.

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EnergySail and Aquarius MRE are registered trademarks of Eco Marine Power.


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Hybrid marine power solutions including solar power save fuel, reduce pollution and are cost effective. Eco Marine Power is at the forefront of developing low emission & fuel saving solutions for ships, Our computer systems also provide a control interface between renewable energy & other systems on-board ships.
Eco Marine Power is at the forefront of providing innovative marine renewable energy technologies for shipping that harness the power of the sun & wind. These solutions include Aquarius MRE, EnergySail & Aquarius Marine Solar Power. These reduce fuel consumption, lower noxious gas emissions and deliver cost benefits.
Aquarius Management & Automation System or Aquarius MAS is a cost effective alarm handling, monitoring & data logging platform suitable for a wide range of ships. The system is based upon the reliable KEI 3240 Data Logger and is class approved. Aquarius MAS can also monitor fuel use & calculate vessel emissions.
Our design & consulting services include green ship & eco ship concept designs, renewable energy surveys, renewable energy systems design & consulting support for new ship and retrofit projects. We work with ship owners, ship managers and ship yards to develop the right renewable energy solution for their needs.
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