Support Hub for Eco Marine Power established in Piraeus, Greece.

Fukuoka, Japan - 9th December 2014 - As part of its product rollout strategy Eco Marine Power (EMP) announced today that it has signed a support agreement with Theodosiou Bros Ltd (TRIAD Ltd) of Piraeus, Greece.  This agreement between EMP and TRIAD Ltd will lead to the establishment of a technical support hub in Greece from which the companies will be able to provide jointly, a variety of technical services related to EMP's products and solutions.

In particular EMP and TRIAD Ltd will now be able to offer a wide range of services and solutions to shipping companies looking to include renewable energy solutions as part of their strategy to reduce vessel emissions and lower fuel costs. These services and solutions include vessel renewable energy assessments, marine renewable energy system design, equipment installation and complete triad_logosolution packages such as the Aquarius Management and Automation System (MAS) with marine solar power.

In addition to signing the support agreement, TRIAD Ltd has also agreed to join the Blue Star Delos Renewable Energy Innovation Project & worked with EMP recently to install equipment including solar panels and batteries onboard the high speed ferry Blue Star Delos.

TRIAD Ltd., has more than 25 years experience in the marine industry providing innovative and reliable solutions for cruise ships, luxury yachts and mega yachts, navy, coastal marine, ferries, merchant marine and offshore. For many years the company has co-operated successfully with some of the biggest maritime and offshore companies and in the last four years TRIAD Ltd has worked successfully with partners on five new shipbuilding projects. These projects have demonstrated TRIAD's ability to install and support a wide range of electrical and electronic systems on-board ships from the engine room to the bridge.

Upon signing the agreement, Mr. Akis Theodosiou of TRIAD Ltd commented that: "Participating in the Blue Star Delos Renewable Energy Innovation Project has been a great learning experience and a great honor. Now that we have also signed a support agreement with Eco Marine Power we look forward to working with them to implement further innovative solutions in Greece and other markets as well".

Initially TRIAD Ltd will focus on services related to EMP's Aquarius MAS and marine solar power solutions, however other products and services will be added as they are released to the market.

About TRIAD Ltd

TRIAD Ltd provides innovative and reliable solutions for cruise ships, luxury yachts and mega yachts, navy, coastal marine, ferries, merchant marine, etc.

The company's product range includes fire alarm and monitoring, sprinkler and other fire fighting approved systems, safety systems, vessels' TV and music entertainment systems, PA and communication, vessels' Ethernet and networking equipment and cabling, telephony and GSM communications, surveillance CCTV, Lighting, maritime simulation & product training, marine software solutions, engineering services, retrofit and new installations, survey and consultancy, and more

TRIAD Ltd offer 24hour service in any port, in any place all over the world by providing specialised squads for the installation and support of all above systems.


Media Contact

Akis Theodosiou 

Phone: +30 6936842728

E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About Eco Marine Power

Eco Marine Power Co. Ltd. (EMP) is an internationally focused technology company that develops renewable energy based fuel saving and emission reduction solutions for ships including passenger ferries, survey ships, oil tankers and cargo vessels. These technologies include the EnergySail®, Aquarius Marine Renewable Energy (MRE) System and Aquarius Management & Automation System (MAS).

EMP also develops sustainable ship concepts that incorporate the latest renewable energy technologies and is currently working on a number of design projects including Aquarius Eco Ship and Aquarius Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV). The company is based in Fukuoka, Japan.

To read more about Eco Marine Power please visit:

Media Contact

Greg Atkinson

Director & Chief Technology Officer

Phone: +81 92 287 9677

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Note: Aquarius MAS is a trademark Eco Marine Power Co. Ltd.


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Hybrid marine power solutions including solar power save fuel, reduce pollution and are cost effective. Eco Marine Power is at the forefront of developing low emission & fuel saving solutions for ships, Our computer systems also provide a control interface between renewable energy & other systems on-board ships.
Eco Marine Power is at the forefront of providing innovative marine renewable energy technologies for shipping that harness the power of the sun & wind. These solutions include Aquarius MRE, EnergySail & Aquarius Marine Solar Power. These reduce fuel consumption, lower noxious gas emissions and deliver cost benefits.
Aquarius Management & Automation System or Aquarius MAS is a cost effective alarm handling, monitoring & data logging platform suitable for a wide range of ships. The system is based upon the reliable KEI 3240 Data Logger and is class approved. Aquarius MAS can also monitor fuel use & calculate vessel emissions.
Our design & consulting services include green ship & eco ship concept designs, renewable energy surveys, renewable energy systems design & consulting support for new ship and retrofit projects. We work with ship owners, ship managers and ship yards to develop the right renewable energy solution for their needs.
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