Medaka Solar Electric Eco-Commuter Ferry

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medaka_pier_loading2Medaka Eco-Commuter Ferry Loading Passengers

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Description: The Medaka solar electric ferry or eco commuter ferry is a twin hulled vessel that uses solar power to help recharge on-board Lithium-ion batteries. These batteries can be used as the main power source to drive the electric motors at low speeds or if required a low emission hybrid electric propulsion system can be used.

This innovative solar ferry is being developed by Eco Marine Power to operate on urban waterways such as rivers, bays and lakes. The solar panel array mounted on-top of the ferry has been designed by Eco Marine Power and will use marine grade solar panels.




medaka_eco_solar_ferry_1Medaka Eco-Solar Ferry Under Bridge

Size: 800 x 600. 450kb.

Description: The Medaka solar-electric or eco-commuter ferry will be able to operate emission free and almost silently by using Lithium battery modules to power two highly efficient electric motors which turn the vessels propellers. The batteries can be recharged from the solar panels, via an on-board generator or when the vessel is at the pier using mains power.

The Medaka uses state-of-the-art hybrid marine electric propulsion technology which  reduces fuel consumption and minimises the emission of harmful exhaust gases.

This innovative ferry design will seamlessly integrate into the low carbon cities of the future and can operate either as a single vessel or as part of a eco-friendly urban water transport network solution.


The 'Medaka' will also be fitted with a computer based data logging system which will record various aspects of the vessels performance and this data will be analysed to help fine tune the performance of the vessel. The data recorded will also allow the operator/owner of the vessel to obtain information on fuel savings to help them optimise route planning and timetables etc.

The data logging system will be based on the KEI 3240 Data Logger and can be fitted to existing vessels as part of a hybrid-propulsion upgrade or as a stand-alone unit.

For further information please see the Medaka Specifications page.


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