Emergency Fuel Cell Battery - MgBOX | Portable and Lightweight

The MgBOX is a small and portable emergency magnesium (Mg) air battery developed by Furukawa Battery Co., Ltd. of Japan. It was originally developed as an emergency battery for use on land but is now available for use on ships. The battery is activated and begins generating electricity after fresh or salt water is added.

MgBOX Emergecy Fuel CellMgBOX Emergency Air Battery from Furukawa Battery The MgBOX can be stored for long periods and is activated by simply adding fresh or salt water. Once activated, an MgBOX will provide a source of electricity for up to five days via a USB adaptor box or hub. Devices that can be connected to the USB adaptor box include small lights, mobile phones and smartphones. The USB adaptor box is included inside the MgBOX and can also be used to recharge small portable devices multiple times.

MgBOX Specifications
Power generation time 5 days (maximum) 
Rating 300 Wh
Dimensions 233 x 226 x 226 mm (W x D x H)
Weight About 1.6 kg (before filling) 3.6 kg (after filling)
Adaptor USB box/hub with 2 output ports
Output Voltage DC 5V
Maximum current 1.2A per USB port

On a ship, multiple MgBOX units could be stored in various locations including the wheelhouse, engine control room (ECR), crew accommodation areas & areas where passengers may gather during an emergency. Before adding water, the MgBOX weighs only 1.6 kg and therefore it can be stored in a variety of locations including on shelves and then moved easily to where it is needed.


Simplified Usage Instructions

MgBOX Instructions

Please also refer to the detailed instructions and warnings supplied with the MgBOX.

For further information please use our online Contact Form

For information about other batteries available for ships and marine use please see: Batteries and Energy Storage


Frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding batteries for ship and marine use including hybrid battery technology.

Marine Battery | Ship Battery | Marine Energy Storage | Batteries for Offshore Platforms

What are batteries used for on ships?

Batteries on ships can be used for energy storage for hybrid marine power (HMP) & electrical propulsion systems, emergency back-up power or as part of a renewable energy solution. Batteries are also used to start motors for lifeboats, rescue boats & to start emegency genertaors.

Are the batteries supplied by EMP class-approved?ClassNK approval for UB-50-12ClassNK approval for UB-50-12

Batteries that are class-approved for use on ships are available and most marine batteries supplied as part of an EMP renewable energy solution are class-approved.

What is a VRLA battery?

VRLA = Valve Regulated Lead Acid. These type of batteries are very safe, reliable and recyclable.

What type of batteries does Eco Marine Power use for marine solar power systems?

For solar power systems on ships such as our Aquarius Marine Solar Power we use high quality sealed VRLA batteries such as the Furukawa Battery UltraBattery® series. These batteries are sealed, maintenance free and have many advantages over lithium-ion type batteries. They are also easy to install and can be supplied with frame kits that are easily transportable and easily to assembled.

Is the quality of a marine battery important?

An often overlooked issue when it comes to marine batteries is the quality of their construction and materials used. Lower quality batteries may at first seem to be more suitable for projects due to their initial lower cost, however these batteries generally have a relatively low lifespan and may exhibit significant defects during use. There are also safety issues related to the use of lower quality marine batteries. Additionally in many cases the wrong choice of battery can result in them needed to be replaced after just a couple of years of use.

Can batteries be sent as air cargo?

Sealed lead acid batteries can be sent as air cargo but since regulations are subject to change this is confirmed during the ordering process.

Can batteries be supplied globally?UltraBattery UB-50-12 Battery Pack at FactoryUltraBattery UB-50-12 3.6 kWh Battery Pack

Yes. Together with Furukawa Battery and our sales partners, batteries can be supplied globally.

Can the batteries be supplied in mounting racks?

Yes, the batteries can be supplied in mounting racks or frame kits suitable for use on ships or offshore platforms.

Can the batteries be supplied as packs with cables?

Yes, a battery pack can be supplied with internal cables and mounting frames or kits. For the UB (Ultra Battery) series we can also supply customized mounting frames that can easily be assembled on site.

How can I determine what type of battery is needed?

Eco Marine Power will be able to suggest a battery pack or battery type based on the particular application. Please contact us for further information.

Can batteries be supplied for offshore platforms?


Can marine batteries be used for land-based renewable energy projects?

Yes. The batteries approved for marine use are also very suitable for land-based solar and wind power projects.

Who is the manufacturer of the batteries used by Eco Marine Power?

The high quality batteries we recommend for our projects and solutions are manufactured by the Furukawa Battery Co., Ltd. of Japan.

Where can I find information regarding the cranking amps (CA) or cold cranking amps (CCA)?

These ratings are typically related to automative batteries. For ship and marine batteries please contact us and we will match the required battery to the apppication in consulation with Furukawa Battery


More information: Marine Batteries and Ship Batteries    Contact Us


Ship Fuel Oil Consumption | Trend Displays | Emissions Monitoring | Data Logging

Ship fuel consumption data displayed and logged. CO2, NOx and SOx emissions calculated and logged.

The Aquarius MAS Compact is a reliable marine computer system package that enables the monitoring of fuel oil consumption (FOC) and emissions on ships. It is suitable for new ships or for retrofits and can be expanded to include other features at a later date if required. It is supplied as a kit & can be installed with no impact on vessel operations.

Aquarius MAS FOC and Emissions Monitoring

Aquarius MAS Compact | Real Time FOC Monitoring | Trip Meter | Emissions Calculations

The Aquarius MAS Compact is based on EMP's Aquarius Management and Automation System (MAS) which utilises a reliable hardware (H/W) and software (S/W) platforms.

Key features of the Aquarius MAS Compact include:

  • Real time fuel oil consumption monitoring
  • Fuel consumption data collection
  • Daily fuel oil consumption totals
  • CO2, NOx, SOx emission calculations and display
  • Collected data logged to memory disk.
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install
  • Customised display screens available
  • Classification society approved
  • LCD touch-screen monitor

Fuel Oil Consumption and Emissions Monitoring Display (Example)

Aquarius MAS Compact FOC Display

The Consumption Data (Today) screen display fuel oil consumption for main engines and axillary generators in an easy to read format. Daily emission calculations for NOx, SOx and CO2 are also displayed. The way the data is displayed can be customised as required and additional inputs from fuel flow meters can be connected.

Other display screens available include:

  • Fuel oil consumption trend
  • Trip meter
  • Alarm display
  • Ship speed and location (from GPS)
  • Chief Engineer's display

Expandable and Upgradeable

Aquarius MAS Compact can be upgraded to include marine renewable energy monitoring or expanded and upgraded to include Aquarius MAS functions.

Further Information

Aquarius Management and Automation System (MAS)


Ship Batteries | Marine Batteries | Class Approved | Safe & Reliable | Recyclable

High quality batteries for a wide range of applications including reneweable energy projects & back-up power

In-cooperation with The Furukawa Battery Company of Japan, Eco Marine Power is able to supply a range of energy storage solutions and marine batteries for use on ships or for hybrid marine and offshore applications. Battery technologies include the Furukawa Cycle Power (FCP) series and UltraBattery® series.

UB-50-12 Batteries for Ship and Marine UseUB-50-12 VRLA Hybrid Batteries

The high quality and long life batteries from Furukawa Battery can be supplied either as part of an integrated marine or ship renewable energy solution or supplied as stand-alone battery packs (with cables) or individual units.

Batteries can also be supplied in specially designed marine grade frames or with pre-configured mounting racks that can be assembled on site.

See also: Marine Batteries and Ship Batteries FAQ


Applications for Ship Batteries and Marine Batteries

  • Energy storage for Aquarius Marine Solar Power and Aquarius MAS + Solar.
  • Energy storage for marine or coastal Photovoltaic (PV) systems.
  • Energy storage and battery packs for ships and offshore applications.
  • Emergency back-up power storage for ships, offshore structures & marine craft.
  • Batteries for electric ships or ships with electrical propulsion.
  • Battery packs for river boats & passenger ferries.
  • Energy storage for offshore renewable energy facilities.
  • Land-based applications such as voltage stabilization for renewable energy power facilities.


Furukawa Battery - High Quality VRLA and Hybrid Batteries. Over 90% Recyclable.

Furukawa Batteries for Ship and Marine UseFurukawa Batteries for Ship and Marine Use

The Furukawa Battery Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of storage batteries and electrical machinery in Japan and internationally. Furukawa Battery products include batteries for use in cars, motorcycles, electric vehicles, trains, aircraft, telecommunications, ships, renewable energy applications and spacecraft.

Furukawa Battery was established in 1950 and has a number of manufacturing facilities located both in Japan and in S.E. Asia.

The Furukawa Battery Co., Ltd. has been certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality standards plus the batteries listed below have been accepted for use on Classed vessels by Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (ClassNK).




FCR Series. Batteries and Battery Units

FCR batteries are a high quality and long life VRLA battery technology suitable for standby, emergency or cycle use. They are also suitable for applications in which charging and discharging are repeated frequently. On ships and marine platforms these batteries can be used for emergency or back-up power and charged from a range of charging systems including solar power. They can also be used for renewable energy applications. On ships typical applications for these batteries are for GMDSS and general emergency back-up,


FCR Series Batteries by Furukawa Battery


More information: FCR Batteries for Marine Use (3.5 Mb pdf)


FCP Series Battery Units - Class Approved

Furukawa Cycle Power (FCP) series battery units are available in various configurations ranging from 12VDC to 96VDC and are supplied complete with a modular design mounting rack for superior vibration resistance. The space saving design of the unit also reduces installation and maintenance time. FCP series batteries are ideally suited for renewable energy applications and their long life (approximately 15 years) and low maintenance requirements make them ideal for use on ships


FCP-1000 (12V, 1000Ah/10Hr) Battery Unit

Unit Type
FCP-1000-12 Furukawa Battery FCP-1000
Cells 6 Cells
Voltage 12V
Capacity (10Hr) 1000Ah
Rated Energy Capacity 12kWh
Dimensions (approx) 314(h) x 1141(w) x 505(d) mm
Weight (approx) 500 kg
















FCP-1000 (48V, 1000Ah/10Hr) Battery Unit

Unit Type
FCP-1000-12 x 4 Units
Furukawa FCP-1000 48V Battery Rack
Cells 24 Cells
Voltage 48V
Capacity (10Hr) 1000Ah
Rated Energy Capacity 48kWh
Dimensions (approx) 1464(h) x 1141(w) x 560(d) mm
Weight (approx) 2,030 kg

















More Information: FCP Series Product Brochure (Link to Furukawa Battery Website)


UltraBattery® (UB) Series - Class Approved

High quality, high performance batteries approved for marine use using innovative hybrid battery technology. Batteries are made in Japan by Furukawa Battery.

Hybrid batteries that incorporate unique ultracapacitor technology.

UltraBattery features:

  • Capacitor is fused at the electrode level
  • Excellent charge acceptance
  • Improved charge-discharge rate
  • High performance
  • Long-life
  • Maintenance Free
  • Recyclable


UltraBattery Configuration by Furukawa Battery
Configuration of UltraBattery from The Furukawa Battery Company


UltraBattery UB-50-12 

UB-50-12 valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries or battery packs are the ideal solution for smart grid, wind power and solar power applications and can be used on ships. UB-50-12 batteries can be supplied as individual units or as a pack for use with EMP solar power solution. Marine grade battery frame kits are available in 2.4kWh 3.6kWh sets or customised frames can be supplied as requested.

Battery Type
UB-50-12 ClassNK Approved UB-50 Battery for Ships
Voltage 12V
Capacity (20Hr) 50Ah
Dimensions (approx) 220(h) x 363(w) x 128(d) mm
Nominal Energy 600Wh
Weight (approx) 22 kg
















UB-50-12 Battery Packs

Safe, reliable and recyclable battery packs will be available in 2.4kWh and 3.6kWh configurations. Multiple battery packs can be installed together to provide the amount of energy storage needed from small scale installations to larger energy storage projects.

UB-50-12 Hybrid Battery Packs from Eco Marine Power

UltraBattery UB-1000

UltraBattery UB-1000 Nominal Voltage 2V. Nominal energy capacity 2000 Wh.

Expected cycle-life: Approximately 4000 cycles. (25℃, DOD70%, 1.0C10A)

Please Note: This is an expected value based on our recommended use condition, and different from a guaranteed value.

These high capacity batteries can be supplied as individual units or along with mounting frames suitable for use on ships or land-based facilities.

More Information: UB Series (UltraBattery) (Link to Furukawa Battery Website)





FC38-12 Batteries - Class Approved

FC38-12 (12V, 38Ah/20HR) VRLA Battery (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) FC38-12 batteries are ideal for small marine solar power applications (i.e. up to around 5kWp) and can be supplied either as a battery pack set or as individual 12V units. A major advantage of the FC38-12 is that it’s relatively small size and light weight makes it ideal for installation into small (but ventilated) spaces on-board ships and other vessels.

Battery Type
FC38-12 Furukawa Battery FC-38-12
Voltage 12V
Capacity (20Hr) 38Ah
Dimensions (approx) 172(h) x 165(w) x 197(d) mm
Self Discharge (at 25oC) Less than 0.1% per day
Weight (approx) 15.5 kg















* Size dimensions in mm


Other Batteries Available

Links to Furukawa Battery Website and Brochures

FVH Series - High-rate discharge (2Mb PDF)

Other Marine Lead-Acid Batteries (350kb PDF)

Batteries for Industrial Use

Batteries for Transportation


See also: Marine Batteries and Ship Batteries FAQ



ClassNK Approval for FCP Series Batteries

Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (ClassNK) Approval Certificate for FCP-500 and FCP-1000 Batteries

Approval certificates for UltraBattery (UB) Series and FC38-12 also available.


Ship Solar Panel Modules and Mounting Frames for Marine and Offshore Solar Power Applications

Range of specialized and flexible photovoltaic modules (PV) for ship SOLAR POWER and marine use available.

Supplied with marine-grade steel mount frames able to withstand the harshest conditions at sea.

Marine photovoltaic (PV) panels and mounting frame kits are designed to withstand the harsh conditions at sea & are suitable for all vessels ranging from coastal vessels to ocean-going passenger ferries & cargo ships.

A range of products, solar cell technologies and accessories suitable for ships are available and customized panels are also possible upon request.

Marine grade frames and mounting kits for ships & offshore applications are also available.

Eco Marine Power Ship Solar PowerEMP Ship Solar Power Array & Mounting Frames on Cargo Ship


Marine Grade PV Modules & Mounting Frame Kits

For use on ships, PV modules or solar panels need to be installed correctly using specialised mounting frames. These long lasting, high quality steel mounting frames are made in Japan by Teramoto Iron Works and are customized to suit the type of ship they will be installed on. Several types of marine grade PV modules are available and each one is matched to a PV mounting frames.

These kits have been specially designed by Eco Marine Power to withstand the harsh conditions at sea and are the result of experience gained during sea trials, shore-based evaluation at the Onomichi MTTC and CFD analysis in a virtual wind tunnel.

PV Module and Mounting Frame Kit  for Ships CFD analysis of ship PV module kit
Ship Solar PV Panel & Mounting Frame
CFD Analysis of PV Module and Mounting Frame


Marine Solar Panels on ShipAquarius Marine Solar Power Array on Ship


To request more information please use our online Contact Form


High Quality Marine Solar Panels

154Wp Marine Grade Flexible Photovoltaic (PV) Panel (Example Specification)


Pmax (+/- 5%) 154 Wp flex panels
Vpm 18.0 V
Ipm 8.1 A
Voc 22 V
Isc 8.7 A
Length 1515 mm
Width 680 mm
Thickness 2 mm
Weight 2.4 kg















  • Dense mesh of thin wires. Very resistant to shocks. Less sensitive to shading.
  • Supplied with marine-grade mounting frame kits for ships and marine applications.
  • Other PV panel types available.


 Further Information: Marine Solar Power FAQ and Aquarius Marine Solar Power



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