Frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding batteries for ship and marine use including hybrid battery technology.

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What are batteries used for on ships?

Batteries on ships can be used for energy storage for hybrid marine power (HMP) & electrical propulsion systems, emergency back-up power or as part of a renewable energy solution. Batteries are also used to start motors for lifeboats, rescue boats & to start emegency genertaors.

Are the batteries supplied by EMP class-approved?ClassNK approval for UB-50-12ClassNK approval for UB-50-12

Batteries that are class-approved for use on ships are available and most marine batteries supplied as part of an EMP renewable energy solution are class-approved.

What is a VRLA battery?

VRLA = Valve Regulated Lead Acid. These type of batteries are very safe, reliable and recyclable.

What type of batteries does Eco Marine Power use for marine solar power systems?

For solar power systems on ships such as our Aquarius Marine Solar Power we use high quality sealed VRLA batteries such as the Furukawa Battery UltraBattery® series. These batteries are sealed, maintenance free and have many advantages over lithium-ion type batteries. They are also easy to install and can be supplied with frame kits that are easily transportable and easily to assembled.

Is the quality of a marine battery important?

An often overlooked issue when it comes to marine batteries is the quality of their construction and materials used. Lower quality batteries may at first seem to be more suitable for projects due to their initial lower cost, however these batteries generally have a relatively low lifespan and may exhibit significant defects during use. There are also safety issues related to the use of lower quality marine batteries. Additionally in many cases the wrong choice of battery can result in them needed to be replaced after just a couple of years of use.

Can batteries be sent as air cargo?

Sealed lead acid batteries can be sent as air cargo but since regulations are subject to change this is confirmed during the ordering process.

Can batteries be supplied globally?UltraBattery UB-50-12 Battery Pack at FactoryUltraBattery UB-50-12 3.6 kWh Battery Pack

Yes. Together with Furukawa Battery and our sales partners, batteries can be supplied globally.

Can the batteries be supplied in mounting racks?

Yes, the batteries can be supplied in mounting racks or frame kits suitable for use on ships or offshore platforms.

Can the batteries be supplied as packs with cables?

Yes, a battery pack can be supplied with internal cables and mounting frames or kits. For the UB (Ultra Battery) series we can also supply customized mounting frames that can easily be assembled on site.

How can I determine what type of battery is needed?

Eco Marine Power will be able to suggest a battery pack or battery type based on the particular application. Please contact us for further information.

Can batteries be supplied for offshore platforms?


Can marine batteries be used for land-based renewable energy projects?

Yes. The batteries approved for marine use are also very suitable for land-based solar and wind power projects.

Who is the manufacturer of the batteries used by Eco Marine Power?

The high quality batteries we recommend for our projects and solutions are manufactured by the Furukawa Battery Co., Ltd. of Japan.

Where can I find information regarding the cranking amps (CA) or cold cranking amps (CCA)?

These ratings are typically related to automative batteries. For ship and marine batteries please contact us and we will match the required battery to the apppication in consulation with Furukawa Battery


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