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A marine or ship solar power solution from Eco Marine Power (EMP) is an integrated class-accepted system that may include a marine computer, battery chargers, batteries, marine-grade solar panels plus interfaces to other equipment and sensors. Each solution can be designed & scaled to suit a wide variety of ships including passenger ferries, cruise ships, tankers, bulk ore carriers, offshore support vessels and also offshore platforms such as oil rigs and jack-up platforms.

Aquarius Marine Solar Power System OverviewAquarius Marine Solar Power System Overview

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The energy collected by the marine solar panel array(s) or string(s) of photovoltaic (PV) panels can be used to power a DC load, provide a source of back-up or emergency power or be connected to an AC load via an inverter. Thus any ship, vessel or offshore platform can tap into the clean, emissions free and renewable energy provided by the sun. Our systems incorporate class-approved elements as required including ClassNK approved batteries.

In co-operation with our technical partners we can supply our solutions globally and work with ship owners or shipyards from the design phase through the testing and commissioning.

We can also assist with pre-studies, ROI estimates and renewable energy ship surveys as part of our design & consulting services.

Ship solar power by Eco Marine Power

Currently we offer two main solar power solution packages:

Aquarius Marine Solar Power (MSP)

This is basically a stand-alone ship solar power system which is not connected to other shipboard systems but provides a DC output which can be connected to a DC load or via an inverter to an AC load.

The main components in this solution include:

  • KEI-64S CPU/AGU - for smaller solutions this is optional
  • 10.4 inch LCD colour touch-screen display - for smaller solutions this is optional
  • Flexible marine grade solar panels - range of panel types are available.
  • Marine grade mounting frame kits if required.
  • MPPT charge controllers - 60A and 80A options available.
  • Batteries or battery pack.

Aquarius MAS + Aquarius MSP

This includes all the elements of the Aquarius Marine Solar Power solution plus additional hardware and interfaces to fuel flow meters, GPS and other equipment on a ship. This allows the system to monitor fuel consumption, calculate emissions and it can also monitor main engine revolutions, generator output and a range of other equipment. It can also be expanded to include  KEI 3240 Data Logger functions and switch on/off equipment.

The main components include:

  • KEI-64S CPU/AGU - additional CPU, AGU or combined CPU/AGU available.
  • 10.4 inch LCD colour touch-screen display - larger display sizes available.
  • Flexible marine grade solar panels - range of panel types are available.
  • Marine grade mounting frame kit if required.
  • MPPT charge controllers - 60A and 80A options available.
  • Batteries or battery pack
  • Integrated Link System - interfaces for various input and outputs.
  • Ship performance monitoring functions and hardware.
  • Ethernet hub(s) & RS-232 converter(s)

Options: KEI Trackey, larger LCD screen, redundant configuration & printer.

Both these marine solar power solutions include the flexible Aquarius MAS (Management and Automation System This compact marine computermonitors the performance of a solar power array & battery pack, logs data, switches equipment on/off, calculates vessel emissions, records fuel consumption and displays system alarms.

In addition the Aquarius MAS can monitor system performance and alarms from a wide variety of other equipment and sensors installed on ships.

The Aquarius MAS H/W & S/W platform is based upon the reliable and robust KEI-64S Logger which is already in use on hundreds of vessels including tug boats, training ships, tankers and bulk ore carriers. A basic Aquarius MAS package can also be expanded to include data logger functions and additional hardware later if required.

An Aquarius Marine Solar Power or Aquarius MAS + Solar package is suitable for new-building projects and can also be retrofitted to existing vessels. A marine solar power system or array using the Aquarius MAS can also be integrated with wind power devices including EMP's EnergySail technology (under development).

EMP can also arrange installation support including the design & supply of deck frames for solar panels (if required), project management and on-site installation supervision. A full turn-key installation service is also available and can be supported from a technical service hubs in Japan, Singapore and Greece.

Advantages and Benefits of Ship Solar from Eco Marine Power

  • Renewable energy provides an emissions free source of power.
  • Can be used as source of power for emergency lighting or other equipment. This may provide power longer than traditional back-up systems.
  • The use of special lightweight & flexible solar panels allows for more solar to be installed on ships e.g. on awnings, angled surfaces, areas where access is needed.
  • The solution meets classification society requirements and guidelines.
  • When combined with efficient marine LED lights the effective output of the system can be increased by a factor of 3 or more.
  • Suitable for retrofitting to existing ships or for inclusion into new shipbuilding projects.
  • System kits available to simplify installation.
  • Very reliable.
  • Low maintenance.

 Aquarius Marine Solar Power by Eco Marine PowerAquarius Marine Solar Power- Simplified Configuration


Marine Solar Power Products and Services

In co-operation with our strategic and technical partners Eco Marine Power can also supply globally a range of marine solar power products and services for ships and marine use including:

  • Integrated solar power systems for ships with Aquarius MAS and battery pack.Marine Solar Panel Mounting FrameSolar Panel Frame Kit for Ships
  • Flexible marine grade solar panels designed for use on ships and other vessels.
  • Marine grade solar panel frame kits.
  • Solar panel accessories.
  • Maximum Point Power Tracking (MPPT) charge controllers.
  • Marine batteries, battery packs and energy storage solutions.
  • Battery rack and installation kits for ships and marine applications.
  • Solar power system & electrical system design. (including wiring diagrams)
  • Installation support including on-site installation supervision.
  • On-site technical support.
  • System design support and consulting services.

 Battery Packs and Energy Storage

Batteries and energy storage solutions for our Aquarius Marine Solar Power and Aquarius MAS + Solar packages are manufactured and supplied by the Furukawa Battery Co. Ltd of Japan. These batteries are ideally suited to renewable energy applications and have received formal acceptance from ClassNK of Japan for use on classed vessels.Furukawa Battery SolutionFurukawa Battery FCP Series

The high performance and high quality batteries include the FCP Series which have modular design for superior vibration resistance and longer life (approximately 15 years). The battery unit also incorporates a space-saving design that reduces installation and maintenance time.

FCP series battery packs are available in various configurations ranging from 12VDC to 96VDC.

For most marine solar power projects EMP recommends the the UB (UltraBattery) series from Furukawa Battery and can be supplied with an easy to assemble frame mounting kit. These hybrid VRLA batteries are easy to install and have a long cycle life.

For more information please see: Energy Storage and Batteries

More Information

For more information please see Marine Solar Panels and Marine Solar Power Solutions FAQ

For further information please contact us or contact one of our sales partners.

Please note: Aquarius MAS & EnergySail are trademarks of Eco Marine Power.


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Hybrid marine power solutions including solar power save fuel, reduce pollution and are cost effective. Eco Marine Power is at the forefront of developing low emission & fuel saving solutions for ships, Our computer systems also provide a control interface between renewable energy & other systems on-board ships.
Eco Marine Power is at the forefront of providing innovative marine renewable energy technologies for shipping that harness the power of the sun & wind. These solutions include Aquarius MRE, EnergySail & Aquarius Marine Solar Power. These reduce fuel consumption, lower noxious gas emissions and deliver cost benefits.
Aquarius Management & Automation System or Aquarius MAS is a cost effective alarm handling, monitoring & data logging platform suitable for a wide range of ships. The system is based upon the reliable KEI 3240 Data Logger and is class approved. Aquarius MAS can also monitor fuel use & calculate vessel emissions.
Our design & consulting services include green ship & eco ship concept designs, renewable energy surveys, renewable energy systems design & consulting support for new ship and retrofit projects. We work with ship owners, ship managers and ship yards to develop the right renewable energy solution for their needs.
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