Zero Emission Ship Design Concept with Rigid Sails & Solar Power

Pathway to Zero Emission Shipping

The Aquarius Eco Ship is a green shipping concept design and ongoing comprehensive study project focused on optimizing the design of ocean-going ships such as bulk carriers, tankers, RoRo vessels and cruise ships, to harness the power of the wind & sun plus incorporate other emissions reduction and energy efficient technologies and future propulsion systems including hydrogen fuel cells.

The Aquarius Eco Ship study project was started by Eco Marine Power Co. Ltd (EMP) in May 2011 and has attracted world-wide interest. So far it has led to the development of several patented design concepts and the trial and commercialization of a ship-based solar power system: Aquarius Marine Solar Power.

Sail Assisted Shipping with Solar Power 

The centre piece of the Aquarius Eco Ship is Aquarius MRE (Marine Renewable Energy) - an innovative and patented fuel saving and emission reduction system that incorporates a variety of elements including marine-grade solar panels, energy storage modules, computer control systems and an advanced rigid sail design.

Aquarius Eco Ship by Eco Marine PowerAquarius Eco Ship by Eco Marine Power - Sail Assisted Ship

Aquarius MRE is a zero emission & wind assisted (or sail assisted propulsion) solution which has been designed to be highly flexible and configurable so that the concept can be applied to most ship sizes and types.

Applications for the system include bulkers, oil tankers, general cargo ships, survey ships, passenger ferries, cruise ships, Ro-Ro ships, car carriers & even unmanned surface vessels.

In addition to Aquarius MRE, a future Aquarius Eco Ship would be fitted with other fuel saving measures such as an advanced electrical propulsion system, low power LED lighting, air lubrication, an optimised hull design and waste heat recovery technologies. Fuel cell technology could also be incorporated into the design.

This combination of technologies could lead to fuel savings of 40% or more when applied to existing ship designs and also dramatically reduce the emission of noxious gases such as Sulphur Oxides (SOx), Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM). In addition the use of renewable energy and energy saving measures would reduce the vessels carbon (CO2) footprint.

An Aquarius Eco Ship could include up to 1 MWp of solar power and enough energy storage modules so that the ship would not need to use auxiliary diesel generators whilst in port. This could also enable the ship to operate emissions free when Aquarius Eco Ship CFD AnalysisAquarius Eco Ship CFD Analysisalongside or an anchor.

Both the Aquarius Eco Ship and Aquarius MRE have been designed to take into account the reality of operating rigid sails on ocean going ships and include a range of software and hardware related safety features. The rigid sails for example, can be lowered and stored when not in use or during extreme weather or emergencies. The automated control system will also lower or position the rigid sails to avoid injury to the crew or damage to the ship or sails.

EnergySail Technology - Wind Power & Solar Power for Ships

The rigid sails used by the Aquarius Eco Ship form part of Eco Marine Power's patented EnergySail technology. This renewable energy sail platform allows for a variety of energy sources to be used and managed via the same system. Solar panels & wind power devices can be mounted on the rigid sails or elsewhere on the ship in a variety of configurations.

Aquarius MRE technology will enable ships of all types and sizes to safely use renewable energy in order to reduce fuel consumption and lower harmful emissions in a cost effective way. The Aquarius Eco Ship is an example of how this system could be integrated into a new ship design although it is also suitable for existing ship designs and could be retro-fitted to vessels already in service.

Aquarius Eco Ship - Renewable Energy for Ships (Video Introduction)

The Aquarius Eco Ship is another example of how Eco Marine Power is developing designs to move shipping towards a more sustainable and zero emissions future.

Aquarius Eco Ship Technologies

Aquarius Eco Ship with Sail Assisted Propulsion - Main Details


Aquarius Eco Ship Bulk cargo (bulker) variation RE System Type Aquarius MRE
240 metres (Approx,)
45 metres (Approx.)
EnergySail Array 14 sails with solar. Sail area 1400 sqm.
Solar Aquarius Marine Solar Power (MSP)
Maxium Speed 16 knots Eco Speed 12 knots
Engine Power  13,000 kW @ 16 knots
Engine Power  5,000 kW @ 12 knots

Hybrid electric with hydrogen fuel cells

(Hybrid = solar/sails & fuel cells)

Energy Storage

Hybrid VRLA battery modules

(For solar power system)

Energy Saving Devices

Air lubrication system (ALS)

Addanced propeller design.

DC lighting & micro-grids.


Hull modifications.

New rigid sail devices (under development/patent pending)

Aquarius MAS with Ship performance management.

RE - renewable energy. MAS - management & automation system.

Design Concept: Greg Atkinson & Eco Marine Power. All rights reserved. Aquarius Eco ShipTM.

Copyright © 2011 - 2022. Eco Marine Power.

Further Information

Aquarius MRE webpage.

Aquarius Eco ShipTM. Aquarius MRE and EnergySail are registered trademarks of Eco Marine Power Co. Ltd.


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Hybrid marine power solutions including solar power save fuel, reduce pollution and are cost effective. Eco Marine Power is at the forefront of developing low emission & fuel saving solutions for ships, Our computer systems also provide a control interface between renewable energy & other systems on-board ships.
Eco Marine Power is at the forefront of providing innovative marine renewable energy technologies for shipping that harness the power of the sun & wind. These solutions include Aquarius MRE, EnergySail & Aquarius Marine Solar Power. These reduce fuel consumption, lower noxious gas emissions and deliver cost benefits.
Aquarius Management & Automation System or Aquarius MAS is a cost effective alarm handling, monitoring & data logging platform suitable for a wide range of ships. The system is based upon the reliable KEI 3240 Data Logger and is class approved. Aquarius MAS can also monitor fuel use & calculate vessel emissions.
Our design & consulting services include green ship & eco ship concept designs, renewable energy surveys, renewable energy systems design & consulting support for new ship and retrofit projects. We work with ship owners, ship managers and ship yards to develop the right renewable energy solution for their needs.
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