Wind & Solar Power for Low Emission Shipping. Wind-Assisted Propulsion Device.

Pathway to decarbonizing shipping. ZERO emissions.EnergySail at Onomichi MTTCEnergySail - zero emissions power for ships

The patented EnergySail is a rigid sail and wind assisted (or sail assisted) propulsion device designed by Eco Marine Power that allows ships to harness the power of the wind and sun in order to reduce fuel costs, plus lower noxious gas and carbon emissions. The patented EnergySail is unlike any other sail - it can be used even when a ship is at anchor or in port and has been designed to withstand high winds or even sudden micro-bursts.

EnergySail® - not just a sail.

The EnergySail can be fitted with a range of renewable energy technologies such as photovoltaic (PV) modules or wind power devices. It is a truly unique renewable energy platform specifically designed for shipping that can be fitted to a wide variety of vessels from large Capesize bulk ore carriers, RoRo vessels and cruise ships to naval and coastguard patrol vessels. The EnergySail  is an ideal wind assisted or sail assisted propulsion solution.

EnergySail Japan Patent ImageImage from EnergySail PatentA variation of the EnergySail that is suitable for Unmanned Surface Vessels (USV's) and smaller ships such as passenger ferries or fishing vessels is also being developed.

The EnergySail can be configured to suit the operational profile of a vessel. For example the number & type of solar panels can be changed or a variety of other equipment can be installed.

This means the device can be configured for a particular type of ship, for the route the vessel operates on and/or the operational profile or mission profile of the vessel.

The EnergySail is not just a sail device, it is also a flexible platform for ship renewable energy technologies. This combination of technologies will enable ships to lower their airborne emissions including greenhouse gases (GHG) and particulate matter (PM).

The flexible design of the EnergySail design will also allow for it to be upgraded during the life-cycle of the ship so that newer technologies can be incorporated if required. It has also been designed so that it will require little maintenance and be robust enough to withstand the harsh conditions of an operational life at sea over many years.

Although the EnergySail has primarily been designed for Eco Marine Power's Aquarius MRE solution, other applications for its use are also being studied including land based applications.

EnergySail Test Station at Teramoto Iron WorksEnergySail Test Station at Teramoto Iron WorksIt could also be used as a stand-alone unit on a cable laying vessel, coastal tanker or oceanographic ship. In addition a simplified version of  Aquarius MRE including a modified EnergySail would be suitable on a range of smaller vessels. An alternative version of the EnergySail could also be used horizontally.

An example of how the EnergySail could be incorporated into a modern green ship design is the Aquarius Eco Ship. This low emission, sustainable ship design concept includes an EnergySail array. This allows for the propulsive power from multiple sails to be harnessed.

The production of the EnergySail is undertaken by EMP's strategic partner - Teramoto Iron Works. This company has a long history of providing marine fittings and equipment to the shipbuilding industry and was involved in the manufacture of rigid sails in the 1980's.

The use of these rigid sails at that time proved that ships using sail assisted propulsion could achieve fuel savings of more than 30% depending on the prevailing weather conditions. These sails were not aimed at replacing the ship's main engines however, but rather were a source of supplementary or auxiliary propulsion. The use of sails for this purpose is commonly referred to as sail assisted or wind assisted propulsion.


  EnergySail: Key Features

    • Flexible patented design. Can be upgraded and modified after installation if required.
    • Enables ships to use renewable energy to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.
    • Automatic positioning via computer control system.
    • Can be integrated with other systems and equipment on-board ships via control system architecture.
    • Designed to be safe, robust & reliable. Multiple layers of safety are incorporated into the design.
    • Can be lowered and stored when not in use.
    • Suitable for a wide range of ships and vessels.
    • Pathway to low emission & low carbon shipping,
    • Viable and practical option for sail-assisted shipping.
    • Designed to be used as a stand-alone device or part of a computer controlled sail array.
    • Can be fitted with flexible photovoltaic (solar) panels or wind power devices.
    • Low maintenance & ongoing running costs.
    • Recyclable.



Aquarius Eco Ship with Aquarius MRE and EnergySail Array

The Aquarius Eco Ship design concept is an example how the EnergySail can be used on a large ship to provide a source of emissions-free supplementary power or sail-assisted propulsion.  The centre piece of the Aquarius Eco Ship is Aquarius MRE (Marine Renewable Energy) - an innovative and patented fuel saving and emission reduction system that incorporates a variety of elements including solar panels (or PV modules), energy storage modules or hybrid VRLA battery packs, computer control systems and an advanced rigid sail design.

EnergySail on Aquarius Eco ShipEnergySail on Aquarius Eco Ship - Concept Design by Eco Marine Power


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EnergySail and Aquarius MRE are registered trademarks of Eco Marine Power Co. Ltd. Aquarius Eco Ship is a trademark of Eco Marine Power Co. Ltd.

Aquarius Eco Ship is a trademark of Eco Marine Power. Concept by Greg Atkinson and Eco Marine Power. Copyright 2010 - 2018.


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Hybrid marine power solutions including solar power save fuel, reduce pollution and are cost effective. Eco Marine Power is at the forefront of developing low emission & fuel saving solutions for ships, Our computer systems also provide a control interface between renewable energy & other systems on-board ships.
Eco Marine Power is at the forefront of providing innovative marine renewable energy technologies for shipping that harness the power of the sun & wind. These solutions include Aquarius MRE, EnergySail & Aquarius Marine Solar Power. These reduce fuel consumption, lower noxious gas emissions and deliver cost benefits.
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